Automated method helps researchers quantify uncertainty in their predictions
MIT News Office | February 21, 2024

An easy-to-use technique could assist everyone from economists to sports analysts, outlined in new paper from team including IDSS faculty Tamara Broderick.


MIT researchers remotely map crops, field by field
MIT News Office | February 16, 2024

IDSS faculty Sherrie Wang and team used machine learning to analyze satellite and roadside images of areas where small farms predominate and agricultural data are sparse.

the periodic table symbol for mercury superimposed on a forest

Study: Global deforestation leads to more mercury pollution
MIT News Office | February 12, 2024

Researchers including former IDSS postdoc Ari Feinberg and IDSS interim director Noelle Selin found that deforestation accounts for about 10 percent of global human-made mercury emissions.

A map shows which U.S. counties have the highest concentration of jobs that could be affected by the transition to renewable energy

MIT researchers map the energy transition’s effects on jobs
MIT News | February 7, 2024

A new map shows which U.S. counties have the highest concentration of jobs that could be affected by the transition to renewable energy. The work was developed by TPP alum Kailin Graham and IDSS faculty Chris Knittel.


How symmetry can come to the aid of machine learning
MIT News | February 5, 2024

MIT researchers including IDSS faculty Stefanie Jegelka show that exploiting the symmetry within datasets can decrease the amount of data needed for training neural networks.

Ben Lewis speaking at an information booth running the Boston branch of the nonprofit End Overdose.

Ending overdose
TPP News | January 25, 2024

Through research combining drug policy, race, and criminal justice – and through advocacy and community action – TPP student Ben Lewis champions harm reduction.

Sahil Loomba

Understanding complex systems with computation and interdisciplinary science
Times Higher Education | January 25, 2024

IDSS researcher Sahil Loomba applies math and machine learning to better understand complex networks and systems, from the biological and cognitive to the social.

a researcher holding a 3-D-printed midsole, designed based on a model’s predictions

New model predicts how shoe properties affect a runner’s performance
MIT News | January 24, 2024

Developed by Peko Hosoi and MIT engineers, the model could be a tool for designers looking to innovate in sneaker design.

electric car plugged in for recharging

Government support for electric vehicles is good for everyone
Newsweek | January 17, 2024

Transition to electric vehicles needs increased support in governmental policy for optimal impact against climate change, says IDSS faculty Jessika Trancik.

Chelsea Conard

Quantifying cyber risk
TPP News | January 10, 2024

TPP student Chelsea Conard models threats to cyber systems where data privacy and sensitivity are high, seeking comprehensive insights and benchmarks through close collaboration with the Federal Reserve and industry partners.


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