A group of Donald Trump supporters

“Elites are making choices that are not good news”
The New York Times | November 3, 2022

IDSS core faculty Daron Acemoglu and professor David Autor discuss the forces driving working-class voters toward the Republican Party.

photos of newly tenured faculty

The tenured engineers of 2022
MIT News Office | October 24, 2022

IDSS professor Guy Bresler and IDSS affiliate Stefanie Jegelka are among 14 faculty members granted tenure this year.

air pollution in Anyang city, Henan province

Coordinating climate and air-quality policies to improve public health
MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change | October 21, 2022

New air-quality tool from study co-authored by TPP director Noelle Selin and William Atkinson (TPP '22) pinpoints policy combinations that maximize health benefits.

A group crossing the street toward the Green Line

Unlocking the power of cellphone-generated mobility data to benefit neighborhoods
News@Northeastern | October 20, 2022

IDSS core faculty Sandy Pentland is part of a collaborative effort with scientists from Northeastern University developing a public mobility data platform to help communities address issues including equity, economic development and climate resilience

The 2022 APS Fellows

Six from MIT named American Physical Society Fellows for 2022
MIT News Office | October 20, 2022

IDSS affiliate Jesse Thaler elected "for original foundational research contributions, leadership, and mentoring in the area of machine learning for fundamental physics.”

a presentation on regulation

Shaping the laws that influence technology development
TPP News | October 20, 2022

Rui-Jie Yew TPP '23 researches at the intersection of computation, law, and ethics, exploring regulatory incentives for addressing harm caused by emerging algorithmic technologies. 

Adam Petway

The science of strength: How data analytics is transforming college basketball
MIT Professional Education | October 19, 2022

Applied Data Science Program learner Adam Petway is using new analytical skills to improve player performance as a university basketball coach.

Allison Shepard

Energy equity
TPP News | October 19, 2022

Allie Shepard ’19, TPP ’23 interned in the New York City Mayor’s Office, where she got a firsthand view of the opportunities for climate change mitigation policy at the city.

Former President Trump and an icon for his Truth Social app

Getting the facts straight on online misinformation
Financial Times | October 18, 2022

Social media companies are exploring radical solutions to moderation, writes IDSS affiliate David Rand

Noelle Selin and Stan Finkelstein awarding Farri Gaba the TPP 2022 Thesis Prize

Going the extra mile
TPP News | October 18, 2022

Farri Gaba TPP ’22 hopes to leverage his experience researching last-mile drone delivery to help solve sociotechnical challenges in sustainable transportation and logistics.


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