See the future of global warming in less than one second
MIT Sloan | December 18, 2019

A new online interface called En-ROADS, created by a team including IDSS affiliate and MIT Sloan professor John Sterman, is a free climate solution simulator that can show effects of various climate policies.

MIT study finds that challenges in measuring and mitigating leakage of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, prove pivotal

Mitigating the methane impacts of using natural gas
MIT News Office | December 17, 2019

A new study from IDSS professor Jessika Trancik examines how natural gas can serve as a bridge toward a lower-emissions future — but also as a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.


What a drone sees
MIT Spectrum | December 12, 2019

Sertac Karaman and his team at LIDS use virtual reality to train drones to navigate tricky terrain without the risk of colliding with physical objects.


Finding new ways to fight global poverty
Boston Globe | December 11, 2019

Nobel Prize winner and IDSS affiliate Esther Duflo used randomized controlled trials to help the poor and transform development economics.


MIT researchers examine cities worldwide
MIT News Office | December 11, 2019

IDSS affiliate Sarah Williams' project 'Moving Nairobi' explored urban mobility in Kenya with data visualizations at the 2019 Seoul Architecture and Urbanism Biennale.

Professor of Engineering Vladimir Bulovic, director of MIT.nano, discusses progress in photovoltaics with moderator Jessika Trancik, associate professor of energy studies at MIT. Image: Jake Belcher

Getting the carbon out of the electricity sector
MIT News Office | December 10, 2019

IDSS professor Jessika Trancik moderated MIT's third climate change symposium, looking at the role of advances in storage, solar, nuclear, EVs and more in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Back l to r: Max Vilgalys, Leon Yao, Hanwei Li, Erin Walk, Andy Haupt, Paolo Bertolotti, Bomin Jiang, Yunzong Xu Middle l to r: Rui Sun, Minghao Qiu, Hussein Mozannar, Cate Heine, Ian Schneider, Arnab Sarker, Qi Yang, Jinglong Zhao, Yan Jin, Amir Tohidi Kalorazi Front: Chin-Chia Hsu, Eaman Jahani, Yi Sun, Manon Revel, Sirui Li, Bernardo García Bulle Bueno Not pictured: Marie Charpignon, Dimitris Konomis, Manxi Wu, Mengying Wu, Yuan Yuan. Photo: Christopher Harting

A milestone for SES: Ian Schneider’s successful dissertation defense
December 10, 2019

Ian Schneider's successful defense of his dissertation 'Market Design Opportunities for an Evolving Power System' marks the first defense for the Social & Engineering Systems PhD program.


Duflo and Economics Laureates donate Nobel Prize money to next generation of economists
Boston Globe | December 7, 2019

Nobel winners Esther Duflo, Abhijit Banerjee, and Michael Kremer are each donating their Nobel prize money to the Weiss Fund for Research in Development Economics.

Maryam Shahid

Trust and identity online: 3 questions with TPP student Maryam Shahid
TPP | December 5, 2019

Maryam Shahid’s undergraduate computer science thesis on online ads led her to cybersecurity policy and TPP.

TPP student Nina Peluso shares discussion takeaways at the inaugural event for the Technology and Policy Program’s new Research to Policy Engagement Initiative.

Technology and Policy Program launches Research to Policy Engagement Initiative
MIT News Office | December 5, 2019

The new initiative supports efforts to inform policy with scientific research and will build community among researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders.


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