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Team 2020 charts a course for MIT
MIT News Office | June 12, 2020

Key input for MIT's options for the 2020-2021 academic year included transmission models developed by the IDSS Covid-19 Collaboration (Isolat).


Black engineers see both pride and exclusion in the return of human spaceflight
Quartz | June 10, 2020

Media Lab professor and TPP alum Danielle Wood is changing aerospace research to address racial inequity in space exploration.

participants in four-hour online robot race

Photorealistic simulator made MIT robot racing competition a live online experience
MIT News Office | June 9, 2020

Teaching assistants in 'Robotics: Science and Systems,' a course co-led by Luca Carlone of LIDS, pulled out all the stops to help engineering students race across the finish line this spring.

Michael Athans

In remembrance of Michael Athans (1937-2020)
LIDS News | June 8, 2020

Former director of the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS), Athans was a pioneer in the field of control theory with a long and deeply accomplished tenure at MIT.

Image of Medina and Williams

The social life of data
MIT News Office | June 8, 2020

IDSS affiliate and DUSP professor Sarah Williams co-teaches Data and Society, a new SHASS course that engages students in the ethics and societal implications of data.

pablo et al award

Pablo Parrilo selected to receive the 2020 SIAM Activity Group on Optimization (SIAG/OPT) Best Paper Prize
LIDS News | June 8, 2020

Parrilo was awarded with LIDS alumni Hamza Fawzi and James Saunderson for their paper “Semidefinite Approximations of the Matrix Logarithm.”

voting by mail

Why is voting by mail suddenly controversial?
NPR | June 4, 2020

Most Americans support the expansion of mail-in voting, and claims of rampant fraud are easily debunked. IDSS affiliate Charles Stewart — director of the MIT Election Data and Science Lab — contributes to this mail-in ballot fact check.

Esther Duflo salute to the advanced degree recipients at MIT's 2020 Commencement

Professor Esther Duflo’s salute to advanced degree recipients
MIT News Office | June 1, 2020

IDSS affiliate and Nobel Economics laureate Esther Duflo, addressing the graduating class of 2020, says "it it is possible to make significant progress by focusing on small manageable issues."

Photo of Andrew Lo

How often do vaccine trials hit paydirt?
MIT News Office | May 27, 2020

Vaccines find more success in development than any other kind of drug, but have been relatively neglected in recent decades, per a new study from researchers including IDSS and Sloan professor Andrew Lo.


The cost of the patchwork response to coronavirus in the U.S.
WGBH | May 21, 2020

A new study co-authored by IDSS affiliates Sinan Aral and Dean Eckles and IDSS postdoc Amin Rahimian suggests that having uncoordinated reopening strategies may cause regional problems.


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