Hackers, judges, and organizers on stage at EnergyHack 2021

Energy hackers give a glimpse of a postpandemic future
MIT News | November 30, 2021

“Organizing a hybrid event was a challenging but important goal in 2021... but it was great to realize the benefits of the format this year,” says Kailin Graham, TPP student and one of the EnergyHack communications directors.

clip art of a police offier silhouetted against a crowd

Community policing in the Global South
MIT News Office | November 29, 2021

IDSS core faculty Fotini Christia is part of a team examining the challenges of implementing community policing across a range of countries.

an illustration of the periodic table emblem for lithium surrounded by batteries

The reasons behind lithium-ion batteries’ rapid cost decline
MIT News | November 23, 2021

A new study from members of the Trancik Lab finds that investments in R&D on materials and chemistry were key, while economies of scale contributed somewhat less.

a distorted image of a man in a business suit

Is watching believing?
MIT News | November 22, 2021

In spreading politics, videos may not be much more persuasive than their text-based counterparts, says new paper co-authored with IDSS affiliates David Rand and Adam Berinsky

three items, a shoe, a lizard sculpture and a phone, and examples of possible personalized versions of them in different colors

Design’s new frontier
MIT News | November 19, 2021

“Developing intelligent systems is a multifaceted problem, and it really requires a confluence of disciplines,” says Navid Azizan, core IDSS faculty member.

Lima, Peru

Peru’s BREIT future
November 17, 2021

IDSS and the Brescia Institute of Advanced Technology (BREIT) are changing the future of Peru by discovering and developing data science skills — and putting them to work for the greater good.

Members of MIT’s COP26 delegation stand together for a photo

At UN climate change conference, trying to “keep 1.5 alive”
MIT News | November 17, 2021

Andreas Haupt, a graduate student in IDSS, joined MIT’s COP26 delegation to follow negotiations to keep global climate goals on track.

Marie Charpignon, Michelle Vaccaro, Max Vilgalys, Silun Zhang

IDSS MicroMasters Teaching Assistants
November 16, 2021

Drawn from Social and Engineering Systems (SES) PhD students and IDSS research staff, IDSS TAs provide expert guidance for online learners developing analytical skills.

A sample problem from the K-12 probability and statistics curriculum explores the concept of distribution values

Teaching intuition about uncertainty
November 15, 2021

IDSS and BCS professor Emery Brown leads a team developing a K-12 statistics curriculum to promote a greater understanding of the math and science of uncertainty.

photo of the MIT dome surrounded by photos of faculty involved in the climate action plan

MIT makes strides on climate action plan
MIT News | November 15, 2021

IDSS core faculty Noelle Selin, recently named as co-chair of the new Climate Nucleus, outlined plans for the coming year, including the setup of three working groups.


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