Erica Bates

Financial Officer, IDSS; Room: E18-309
(617) 324-8146

Erin Baumgartner

Program Development Manager, IDSS Initiative for Combatting Systemic Racism

Elena Byrne

Admissions Coordinator, TPP; Room: E17-373

Flavia Cardarelli

Senior Administrative Assistant, IDSS; Room: E18-309B

Michelle Carmichael

Director, Administration and Finance, IDSS; Room: E17-455

Barbara DeLaBarre

Academic Administrator, TPP; Room: E17-377
(617) 452-3187

Jesse DeLaughter

Director, Administration and Finance, SSRC; Room: E18-309G

Laura Dorson

Administrative Assistant II, SSRC; Room: E18-407
(617) 324-9622

Peter Gibson

Administrative Assistant II, SSRC; Room: E18-309J

Arlyn Hertz

Admissions and Catalog Coordinator, IDSS; Room: E17-373
(617) 324-0377

Amy Kaczur

Senior Administrative Assistant, IDSS; Room: E18-438

Susana Kevorkova

Program Manager, IDSS MicroMasters; Room: E17-392
(617) 324-8424

Chien-Hsiang Liou

Financial Assistant II, SSRC; Room: E18-309

April London

Senior Financial Officer, SSRC, E18-309D

Beth Milnes

Academic Administrator, IDSS; Room: E17-375
(617) 253-1182

Scott Murray

Communications Officer, IDSS; Room: E17-397
(617) 324-4563

Jeremy Rossen

Program Coordinator, IDSS MicroMasters Program; Room: E17-368
(617) 324-1757

Erin Schenck

External Relations Officer, IDSS; Room: E18-439
(617) 324-8209

Kim Strampel

Senior Program Assistant, SDSC; Room: E17-462B
(617) 324-4934

Kasey Tenggren

Administrative Assistant to the Director, IDSS; Room: E17-478

Jackelyn Vargas

HR Administrator, IDSS and SSRC; Room: E18-307

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Cambridge, MA 02139-4307