Team co-led by LIDS faculty member Luca Carlone wins first place in subterranean drone challenge
LIDS News | March 6, 2020

Carlone's team bested the competition in the second part of the DARPA Subterranean Challenge, a competition to develop drones that can map, navigate and search underground.

catch fake news

The catch to putting warning labels on fake news
MIT News Office | March 3, 2020

Research from IDSS affiliate David Rand uncovers an "implied-truth effect," where tagging some stories as false makes readers more willing to believe and share untagged stories that are also false.

Learners in the Advanced Program in Data Science and Global Skills interact with each other in physical space while receiving live instruction and feedback from TA’s, recruited by the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society, to support their journey through the MicroMasters Program in Statistics and Data Science.

Creating Peru’s next generation of data scientists
February 27, 2020

IDSS and social impact group Aporta share a vision to educate and empower.

hand holding phone with large alert symbol

Detecting fake news takes time
Wall Street Journal | February 26, 2020

A study co-authored by IDSS affiliate David Rand shows that people can tell when a story on social media is bogus — if they take a moment to think.

In Song Kim

In Song Kim awarded a 2020-2021 Russell Sage Presidential Authority grant
MIT Political Science | February 25, 2020

Kim was awarded for computational social science research titled "Unequal Political Representation: Evidence from a Comprehensive Database of Lobbying and Campaign Contributions".

Marija Ilic

Shedding light on complex power systems
LIDS | February 24, 2020

LIDS senior research scientist Marija Ilic is on a mission: making electric energy systems future-ready.

Understanding online machine learning through ice hockey by Katie DePasquale

Understanding online machine learning through ice hockey
LIDS | February 21, 2020

LIDS student Jennifer Tang finds overlap between learning to play better hockey and her research on information theory and probability theory.

mit campus at night

MIT continues to advance toward greenhouse gas reduction goals
MIT News Office | February 21, 2020

Initiatives such as the energy storage project led by IDSS professor Jessika Trancik contribute to MIT's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

person using laptop with holographic images

A human-machine collaboration to defend against cyberattacks
MIT News Office | February 21, 2020

PatternEx, a startup co-founded by Kalyan Veeramachaneni of LIDS, has developed a platform that combines machine learning models and human expertise to flag suspicious activity on a network.

Esther Duflo

Esther Duflo to speak at 2020 Investiture of Doctoral Hoods and Degree Conferral Ceremony
MIT News Office | February 20, 2020

The IDSS affiliate and Nobel Laureate is known for innovation in development economics and an experimental approach to alleviating global poverty.


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