Saurabh Amin and Sertac Karaman

Saurabh Amin and Sertac Karaman awarded tenure
June 5, 2019

"Saurabh and Sertac are exceptionally accomplished as both scholars and teachers," said John Tsitsiklis, director of LIDS. "I know that both will continue to make seminal contributions in their fields."

Attendees at the Synthetic Control and Related Methods conference hosted by IDSS in 2019.

IDSS hosts ‘Conference on Synthetic Control and Related Methods’
June 5, 2019

Researchers shared ideas on a statistical method gaining prominence in economics at a two-day event sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Sasha Rakhlin

Alexander “Sasha” Rakhlin receives 2019 Joseph A. Martore Award for Excellence in Teaching in IDSS
June 4, 2019

IDSS recognized Rakhlin for developing a new course and serving as head of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Statistics.

Researchers from MIT and elsewhere have developed an interactive tool that, for the first time, lets users see and control how increasingly popular automated machine-learning (AutoML) systems work.

Cracking open the black box of automated machine learning
MIT News Office | June 3, 2019

New interactive tool ATMSeer, developed by Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) research scientist Kalyan Veeramachaneni and colleagues, lets users see and control how automated model searches work.

New IDSS research "will demonstrate the power of data coupled with advanced tools from predictive analytics, machine learning, reinforcement learning, and data sharing markets," says IDSS Director Munther Dahleh.

Empowering African farmers with data
May 31, 2019

New research from IDSS, funded by OCP, a leading global company in the phosphate fertilizer industry, aims to help African farmers increase their production and profits with better prediction.

To bring more human-like reasoning to autonomous vehicle navigation, MIT researchers have created a system that enables driverless cars to check a simple map and use visual data to follow routes in new, complex environments. Image: Chelsea Turner

Bringing human-like reasoning to driverless car navigation
MIT News Office | May 29, 2019

Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) professor Sertac Karaman and colleagues have created a system that enables driverless cars to check a simple map and use visual data to follow routes in new, complex environments.


MIT Policy Hackathon connects data-driven problem solvers
MIT News Office | May 21, 2019

Interdisciplinary teams propose creative policy solutions that address societal challenges at a unique event run by students from TPP and IDSS.

Alberto Abadie presents at SDSCon 2019 on how data science is driving changes in social science research and policy making. Abadie is a professor of economics at MIT and associate director of the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society. Image: Dana J. Quigley photography

Building a community for statistics and data science at MIT and beyond
MIT News Office | May 10, 2019

Our third annual MIT Statistics and Data Science Conference (SDSCon) brought together a growing interdisciplinary community of researchers and practitioners.

Chaiwoo Lee

IDSS alum explores the opportunities and challenges of aging with tech
MIT Industrial Liaison Program | April 30, 2019

IDSS alum Chaiwoo Lee is a research scientist for the multidisciplinary MIT AgeLab, where she seeks ways to improve the quality of life of older people and those who care for them.


Studying the behavior of AI
Media Lab | April 30, 2019

IDSS affiliate Iyad Rahwan is part of a team of thinkers at MIT and beyond who are calling for a new interdisciplinary field of research, machine behavior, to study intelligent machines and the impact they are having on society.


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