Munjal, Mrigi lithium-ion battery installation in Malawi

Navigating the energy transition: batteries and policy in emerging economies
July 12, 2023

TPP student Mrigi Munjal’s research into sodium-ion batteries was complemented by an internship with a company aiming to accelerate the deployment of sustainable energy storage solutions in southern Africa.

Rahul Mazumder

Statistics, operations research, and better algorithms
MIT News | July 12, 2023

IDSS affiliate and MIT Sloan Associate Professor Rahul Mazumder finds ways to create and refine statistical models with an array of applications.

Luca Carlone and Jonathan How

Honing robot perception and mapping
LIDS | July 10, 2023

IDSS faculty member Luca Carlone and Jonathan How, both of MIT LIDS, discuss how future robots might perceive and interact with their environment.

Fotini Christia

3 Questions: International collaborations in a shifting geopolitical climate
MIT News Office | July 5, 2023

IDSS core faculty Fotini Christia, director of the MIT Sociotechnical Systems Research Center and chair of the International Advisory Committee, reflects on the committee’s work.

Serena Patel, Rameen Hayat Malik, and Ethan Harrison

3 Questions: Meet the Tata Fellows
TPP News | June 29, 2023

Three TPP students—Serena Patel, Rameen Hayat Malik, and Ethan Harrison—discuss the impact of the Tata Fellowship on their research, perspectives, and time at MIT.

an art installation in the style of a tapestry woven from bills of currency

The Dynamism of Human Patterns at MIT’s Civic Data Design Lab
MIT Spectrum | June 28, 2023

Led by IDSS affiliate and urban studies professor Sarah Williams MCP ’05, the lab visualizes data on the movements of people—and moves audiences in the process

Taylor Baum stands with some of the Sprouting a STEM Community 2023 participants and volunteers at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez.

MIT PhD student enhances STEM education in underrepresented communities in Puerto Rico
MIT News Office | June 27, 2023

Through her organization, Sprouting, Dahleh Research Group member Taylor Baum is empowering teachers to teach coding and computer science in their classrooms and communities.

a collection of current political postcards

Study: Microtargeting works, just not the way people think
MIT News Office | June 26, 2023

In politics, tailored ads make sense, but with real limits to the tailoring, says study co-authored by researchers including IDSS affiliates David Rand and Adam Berinsky.

Richard Larson

Richard C. Larson named one of two 2023 ISSIP Fellows
INFORMS | June 21, 2023

The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP) named the IDSS professor, nicknamed "Dr. Queue," an ISSIP Fellow for 2023 for lifetime career achievements advancing the understanding and practice of service innovation.

Illustration of a magnifying glass hovering over a Twitter user to reveal an angry face made of overlapping numbers

Bot detection software isn’t as accurate as it seems
MIT Sloan | June 13, 2023

A study by IDSS postdoc Zachary Schutzman and IDSS students Chris Hays, Erin Walk, and Philipp Zimmer finds that general-purpose bot-detection algorithms trained on a particular data set may be highly error-prone when applied in real-world contexts.


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