Martin Wainwright in front of the columns of MIT Building 10

Martin Wainwright named next IDSS director
March 30, 2023

A professor in computer science and math, Wainwright is a widely recognized leader in statistics, machine learning, information theory, and optimization.

l-r: Arushi Jain, Darshita Chaturvedi, Susan Conover, and Zara Perumal at WiDS Cambridge 2023, Photo by Jade Chongsathapornpong

Women in the room
March 29, 2023

Academics, industry experts, and practitioners shared their stories, accomplishments, and knowledge at the seventh annual Women in Data Science (WiDS) Cambridge conference.

clip art of a hand reaching out to a digital hand

Strengthening trust in machine-learning models
MIT News Office | March 28, 2023

IDSS affiliate Tamara Broderick and colleagues build a “taxonomy of trust” to identify where confidence in the results of a data analysis might break down.


ChatGPT is about to revolutionize the economy. We need to decide what that looks like.
MIT Technology Review | March 28, 2023

How are AI technologies like text generative tools going to impact the economy? IDSS faculty member Daron Acemoglu and others share their perspectives.

photos of participants in the climate action through education program

An education in climate change
MIT News Office | March 27, 2023

A multidisciplinary climate change curriculum for high schools, developed at MIT by a team including IDSS affiliate Christopher Knittel, aims to engage and mobilize teachers and students.


Political scientist Adam Berinsky takes surveys seriously
MIT News Office | March 23, 2023

Researcher and IDSS affiliate crafts measured approach to capturing public opinion

A person in an MIT sweatshirt plugs in an electric car

Minimizing electric vehicles’ impact on the grid
MIT News Office | March 16, 2023

Careful planning of charging station placement could lessen or eliminate the need for new power plants, a new study co-authored by IDSS faculty Jessika Trancik shows.


New “traffic cop” algorithm helps a drone swarm stay on task
MIT News Office | March 13, 2023

By keeping data fresh, the system from a team including IDSS core faculty Sertac Karaman and Eytan Modiano could help robots inspect buildings or search disaster zones.

Larry Sass

2023 MacVicar Faculty Fellows named
MIT News Office | March 10, 2023

IDSS affiliate Lawrence 'Larry' Sass one of four faculty honored for exceptional undergraduate teaching.

John Sterman

Engaging enterprises with the climate crisis
MIT News Office | March 10, 2023

IDSS affiliate John Sterman brings workshops with management flight simulators to businesses working toward environmental sustainability.


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