mail-in ballot in mailbox

How likely is it that your mail-in ballot won’t get counted?
The Washington Post | August 25, 2020

“The greatest risks of voting by mail are voters’ own mistakes,” writes IDSS affiliate Charles Stewart III.

city buses

Mobility Systems Center funds low-carbon transportation research projects
MIT News | August 20, 2020

IDSS professor Jessika Trancik will study hydrogen mobility systems. IDSS affiliate Jinhua Zhao, now co-director of the Mobility Systems Center, will assess the impacts of Covid-19 on urban mobility.

Schematic illustration of the weighted multilayer synthetic population built from mobility data in the metropolitan area of Boston

Modeling the impact of testing, tracing, and quarantine
SSRC | August 20, 2020

A new model built by researchers including SSRC visiting researcher Esteban Moro and IDSS/Media Lab professor Sandy Pentland suggests a plan to keep Covid-19 within the capacity of the healthcare system while enabling the reopening of economic activities.

wind turbines in a field seen from above through clouds

Research priorities to support local climate policy
Advanced Science News | August 18, 2020

Researchers can play a critical role in supporting local efforts to reduce emissions by co-designing research priorities with local policymakers, writes IDSS professor Jessika Trancik with IDSS researchers Morgan Edwards and Magdalena Klemun.

Person looking at computer screen

Water cooler moments don’t have to disappear in the virtual workplace
Quartz | August 14, 2020

MIT Sloan professor and IDSS affiliate Thomas Malone discusses Minglr, a new videoconferencing platform he co-created that replicates the type of chance meetings that happen at in-person conferences.

Kate Turner TPP

Anti-racism in technology and policy design
TPP News | August 11, 2020

Media Lab researcher Kate Turner explores how critical race theory can influence science — and how science can inform policy — as an IDSS Research to Policy Engagement Initiative Fellow.

A study finds that if the U.S. had introduced a uniform national mask mandate for employees of public-facing businesses on April 1, the number of deaths in the U.S. would likely have been 40 percent lower on June 1.

Causal impact of masks, policies, and behavior on the early spread of Covid-19
MIT News | August 5, 2020

A study led by IDSS and Economics professor Victor Chernozhukov suggests that nationally mandating face masks could have reduced pandemic deaths in the US.

Automated health care system by Hussein Mozannar and David Sontag

An automated health care system that understands when to step in
MIT News Office | August 3, 2020

SES student Hussein Mozannar, working with Statistics and Data Science Center affiliate David Sontag, has developed a machine learning system that looks at chest X-rays to diagnose pneumonia — but also knows when to defer to a radiologist.

Image of Sinan Aral

How hype proliferates
Spectrum | July 31, 2020

IDSS affiliate and MIT Sloan professor Sinan Aral examines social media’s impact on health, the economy, and democracy.

Windmill battery

Evaluating battery revenues for offshore wind farms using advanced modeling
MIT Energy Initiative | July 30, 2020

In a collaboration with MITEI, LIDS principal research scientist Audun Botterud and LIDS postdoc Mehdi Jafari aim to improve the models that estimate battery revenue in renewable energy storage systems.


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