Larry Sass

2023 MacVicar Faculty Fellows named
MIT News Office | March 10, 2023

IDSS affiliate Lawrence 'Larry' Sass one of four faculty honored for exceptional undergraduate teaching.

John Sterman

Engaging enterprises with the climate crisis
MIT News Office | March 10, 2023

IDSS affiliate John Sterman brings workshops with management flight simulators to businesses working toward environmental sustainability.

Vivienne Zhang

Deploying AI models at scale
TPP News | March 9, 2023

Vivienne Zhang’s research on data quality when predicting wind power output, plus an internship in machine learning operations, leads her to join Nvidia’s Deep Learning team.

Daniel Hastings

Daniel Hastings named American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics president-elect
MIT News Office | March 8, 2023

Head of MIT AeroAstro and IDSS core faculty will assume the presidency in 2024 as the organization’s first Black president.

Maanas Sharma presenting research in a conference

Investigating prison responses to Covid-19
TPP News | March 7, 2023

Research by first-year undergraduate Maanas Sharma ’26 on Covid in prisons began at the MIT Policy Hackathon, which he first attended as a junior in high school.


On social media platforms, more sharing means less caring about accuracy
MIT News Office | March 6, 2023

An MIT-led study from authors including IDSS affiliate David Rand reveals a core tension between the impulse to share news and to think about whether it is true.

Kevin Paeth

Human behavior and digital privacy
TPP News | March 5, 2023

Recent TPP graduate Kevin Paeth SM ’23, who researches human computer interaction, says his internship in AI policy reinforced a core TPP lesson: “the overwhelming importance of successful communication between technical and non-technical audiences.”

a group of young people playing video games

Design of video game characters has physical-world repercussions
MIT Open Learning | March 2, 2023

A recent study from MIT researchers, including IDSS core faculty D. Fox Harrell, demonstrates that the exaggerated design of characters in fighting video games reinforces cultural stereotypes about gender, race, and ethnicity.

smokestacks with smoke rising in a blue sky

Improving health outcomes by targeting climate and air pollution simultaneously
MIT News | February 23, 2023

A team including IDSS faculty member Noelle Selin has developed a new modeling approach that could enable decision-makers to reduce hazardous emissions and improve public health through combined climate and air-quality policies.

modern windmills in front of a sunrise

Blowing in benefits
MIT Technology Review | February 21, 2023

Tweaking US wind energy strategy could quadruple the positive impact on public health, a new study from IDSS core faculty Noelle Selin and SES alumnus Minghao Qiu finds


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