In Song Kim

Illuminating the money trail
April 16, 2023

IDSS affiliate In Song Kim shines a bright light on the dark art of political lobbying.

a warehouse worker looking at shelves overlaid with digital metrics

Calls For Greater Supply Chain Transparency Get Louder: Can Technology Help?
Forbes | April 11, 2023

In a new book, IDSS affiliate Yossi Sheffi argues that we need to better understand the supply chains on which our businesses and society depend, and our conception of supply chains needs to be broadened.

a nuclear power plant

Study: Shutting down nuclear power could increase air pollution
MIT News Office | April 11, 2023

If reactors are retired, polluting energy sources that fill the gap could cause more than 5,000 premature deaths, researchers including IDSS core faculty Noelle Selin estimate.

Andrew Lo

From skeptic to evangelist: MIT Sloan economist runs the numbers on ESG
MIT Sloan | April 11, 2023

Conventional wisdom posited that investing with a purpose meant sacrificing return. A framework developed by IDSS core faculty Andrew W. Lo debunks that belief

Audun Botterud

An interdisciplinary approach to fighting climate change through clean energy solutions
LIDS News | April 10, 2023

Principal Research Scientist Audun Botterud tackles a range of cross-cutting problems — from energy market interactions to designing batteries — to get closer to a decarbonized power grid.


New podcast explores whether data can solve big problems
MIT Sloan | April 10, 2023

The new “Data Nation” podcast from IDSS explores what happens when we apply data to the opioid crisis, sports betting, policing, and more.

Logos of the US Republican and Democratic parties on a field of red and blue

Study: Voters are open to messages that go against their party doctrine
MIT Sloan | April 7, 2023

New research from team including IDSS affiliates Adam Berinsky and David Rand challenges the view that party loyalty distorts how Americans process evidence and arguments.

Manon Ravel

Aligning decision-making processes with democratic values
April 4, 2023

SES student Manon Revel, who works at the intersection of computational social choice and political theory, hopes to uncover ways to improve governance in AI systems, democracies, and corporate environments.

Caroline Uhler

Caroline Uhler named SIAM Fellow for 2023
LIDS News | April 3, 2023

IDSS core faculty is being honored for her “fundamental contributions at the interface of statistics, machine learning, and biology."


A method for designing neural networks optimally suited for certain tasks
MIT News Office | April 3, 2023

With the right building blocks, MIT researchers including IDSS core faculty Caroline Uhler show that machine-learning models can more accurately perform tasks like fraud detection or spam filtering


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