election interference

Do these 4 things to help save the election from foreign interference
The Boston Globe | September 10, 2020

Just as our adversaries are launching a powerful and escalating attack on our democracy, we’re letting our guard down, argues IDSS affiliate Sinan Aral of MIT Sloan.

TPP alum Emily Calandrelli shines a flashlight through a beaker on her Netflix show

‘Emily’s Wonder Lab’ teaches kids about science
STAT | September 9, 2020

Technology and Policy Program alum Emily Calandrelli's Netflix show gets kids interested in everything from tornados to static electricity.

sarah williams

Applying a data-driven approach to help cities function
MIT News | September 8, 2020

“We hear big data is going to change the world, but I don’t believe it will unless we synthesize it into tools with a public benefit,” says DUSP professor and IDSS affiliate Sarah Williams.


Will WhatsApp’s misinfo cure work for Facebook Messenger?
Wired | September 4, 2020

A study by researchers including IDSS Hammer Fellow Kiran Garimella models how message forwarding limits can slow the spread of misinformation.

Stata building

NSF awards MIT $12.5m for data science collaboration between MIT and UC Berkeley
CSAIL | September 2, 2020

PIs for the new Foundations of Data Science Institute (FODSI), which will work to improve understanding of critical issues and societal impacts in data science, include Philippe Rigollet and Devavrat Shah of IDSS and LIDS.

Andrew Lo

Will a Covid-19 vaccine change the future of medical research?
Freakonomics | September 1, 2020

Hear MIT Sloan and IDSS professor Andrew Lo discuss how Covid-19 may inspire a new way to fund medical R&D on the Freakonomics podcast.

Sandy Pentland and Sinan Aral

Computational social science: obstacles and opportunities
Science | August 31, 2020

Computational social science has exploded in prominence over the past decade. Authors including Sandy Pentland and Sinan Aral suggest opportunities to address challenges in the field.

illustration of connections between nodes in a network

IDSS researchers awarded for study of theoretical foundations of deep learning
NSF | August 28, 2020

NSF and the Simons Foundation awarded an interdisciplinary team that includes IDSS professors Sasha Rakhlin and Elchanan Mossel to examine aspects of deep learning that are poorly understood.

Covid 19 is dividing the American worker

Covid-19 is dividing the American worker
The Wall Street Journal | August 28, 2020

Daron Acemoglu has explored how automation impacts employment, making workers more vulnerable. Now the pandemic is likely accelerating technology trends that hurt low-wage workers the most.


Bridging physics, AI, and data science
MIT News | August 26, 2020

A new NSF-funded MIT institute, directed by Statistics and Data Science Center affiliate Jesse Thaler, will bridge physics and AI, while Physics plans to join the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Statistics.


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