Jonathan Novak

Protecting space infrastructure
TPP News | October 14, 2022

Farri Gaba TPP ’22 hopes to leverage his experience researching last-mile drone delivery to help solve sociotechnical challenges in sustainable transportation and logistics.

The four winners of the NIH award

Four from MIT receive NIH New Innovator Awards for 2022
MIT News Office | October 6, 2022

IDSS core faculty Caroline Uhler receives award supporting high-risk, high-impact research from early-career investigators.

Max Vilgalys and Yunzong Xu

IDSS recognizes two TAs with new award
October 5, 2022

The first IDSS TA awards were given to SES students Max Vilgalys and Yunzong Xu in recognition of their excellent instruction and commitment to students.

Juncal Arbelaiz

Wiggling toward bio-inspired machine intelligence
MIT News Office | October 2, 2022

Inspired by jellyfish and octopuses, SSRC PhD candidate Juncal Arbelaiz investigates the theoretical underpinnings that will enable systems to more efficiently adapt to their environments.

Guy Bresler

Investigating at the interface of data science and computing
MIT News Office | September 28, 2022

IDSS core faculty Guy Bresler builds mathematical models to understand multifaceted, interdisciplinary engineering problems that have far-reaching applications.


Visualizing migration stories
MIT News Office | September 27, 2022

“Distance Unknown,” an exhibition by MIT’s Civic Data Design Lab, with lead designer and IDSS affiliate Sarah Williams, documents the often challenging journeys migrants undertake to gain economic opportunity and food security.

clip art representation of information web

Aleksander Madry, Asu Ozdaglar, and Luis Videgaray, co-chairs of the AI Policy Forum, discuss key issues facing the AI policy landscape today.
MIT Schwarzman College of Computing | September 27, 2022

The three are co-organizing the upcoming AI Policy Forum Summit on September 28 which will further explore challenges surrounding the deployment of AI.

a family wades through waist high floodwaters

To Ease the Climate Crisis, First Figure Out What Works
New York Times | September 21, 2022

Nobel Prize winner and IDSS affiliate Esther Duflo said poorer nations are at ‘dramatic’ risk if policies, attitudes and support from rich countries do not improve.

clip art of a connected network of individuals

The power of weak ties in gaining new employment
MIT News Office | September 19, 2022

“When we look at the experimental data, weak ties are better, on average, for job mobility than strong ties,” says IDSS affiliate Sinan Aral.

electric car charging

Biden administration approves $900 million for states to build a national electric car-charging network
Fortune | September 19, 2022

“It’s important to see this funding as something that will hopefully kickstart further private sector funding,” said IDSS faculty Jessika Trancik.


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