Readboy is a leading K-12 integrated education service provider in China. Their mission is to leverage technology to help students study and learn more effectively and happily. Established in 1999, Readboy’s education ecosystem includes comprehensive proprietary online educational content enabled by a range of smart learning devices, allowing for use in and out of class.

In addition to academic curricula, they also develop and offer advanced courses for students who pursue higher academic achievements, as well as featured courses aiming to inspire and support students’ various interests and skills.

Readboy’s broad range of smart learning devices includes smart educational tablets, smart classroom solutions, wearable products, and a number of smart accessories. Readboy has continuously developed and applied various advanced technologies to smart learning devices while endeavoring to strengthen their IT technologies and infrastructures, which ensure their digital operations.

As an IDSS Strategic Partner in Research, Readboy is exploring innovative education technology and adaptive learning systems.

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