Introducing Isolat’s Virtual Data Lake

image of isolat github webpage

Researchers across the globe have been putting their minds and machines to work addressing many important COVID-19 related questions: When will we run out of hospital beds? How effective are current interventions? How should governments plan for the resumption of work and increased mobility? Etc.

Timely access to good data is critical for this work. Various groups have made numerous data sources available, and Isolat has gathered some of these sources into a ‘virtual data lake.’ The virtual data lake allows researchers to access a large number of data sources simultaneously, with up-to-date data, using simple python scripts. Isolat will add more data sources as they become available and provide some data post-processing for ease of use.


Isolat is seeking collaborators who are interested in integrating more sources, cleaning data, and processing it. If you are interested in joining the effort, please reach out to us at

Disclaimer: Isolat’s purpose is to improve access to various publicly available data sources for analysis. We do not assume responsibility for the data accessed using our tools, nor for use of data accessed through our tools. Before making use of data accessed using our tools, please check with the original source for terms and conditions of use. Please remember to be ‘nice’ while using our tools for programmatic access of public data sources.

For further details please contact: Abdullah Alomar, Yash Deshpande, Devavrat Shah

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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