ICSR Project Teams


Lead by Marzyeh Ghassemi, PhD (Assistant Professor, MIT CSAIL and Director Healthy ML), the Healthcare vertical team members are Hammaad Adam (MIT PhD Student, Social & Engineering Systems), Kenrick Cato (Nurse Researcher, New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Assistant Professor at Columbia University School of Nursing), Charles Senteio, PhD (Assistant Professor of Library and Information Science, Rutgers), and Mingying Yang (MIT Student of Chemical Engineering).


The Housing vertical team consist of vertical lead Peko Hosoi, Associate Dean of Engineering and Neil and Jane Pappalardo Professor, MechE, Bhavani Ananthabhotla (TPP Masters Student at MIT), Catherine D’Ignazio (Assistant Professor Urban Science and Planning at MIT), Wonyoung So (MIT PhD student DUSP and RA /technical lead, Data + Feminism Lab at MIT), and Aurora Zhang (MIT PhD Student, Social & Engineering Systems).


Devavrat Shah, Professor at MIT EECS, leads the Policing vertical team that consists of Anish Agarwal (MIT PhD Student, EECS), Sarah Cen (MIT PhD Student, EECS), Fotini Christia (Ford International Professor in the Social Sciences at MIT), Roberto Fernandez (William F. Pounds Professor in Management and Professor, Work and Organization Studies at MIT), Jessy Han (MIT PhD Student, Social & Engineering Systems), Andrew Miller (Assistant Professor of PoliSci at United States Naval Academy), Renbo Tu (Graduate Student at CMU), and Chris Winship (Diker-Tishman Professor of Sociology at Harvard).

Social Media

Lead by Sinan Aral, David Austin Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management, the Social Media vertical team consists of Dean Eckles (Associate Professor of Marketing at MIT Sloan), Chris Hayes (MIT PhD Student, Social & Engineering Systems), Manish Raghavan (postdoctoral fellow, Harvard University Center for Research on Computation and Society), Zach Schutzman (postdoctoral associate, MIT IDSS), and Erin Walk (MIT PhD Student, Social & Engineering Systems).

Contributors to the edited volume on systemic racism and computation

The essays are based on the presentations given during the ICSR workshop series and explore the potential for data to both combat and perpetuate systemic racism in the U.S. Topics included healthcare inequities, policing, algorithm bias, and more.

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