Lucia Haro

Lucia is the Manager of BREIT, Institute of Advanced Technology, a philanthropic initiative with the purpose of strengthening the data science ecosystem in Peru through empowering Peruvian professionals with learning opportunities to enhance their careers, while providing much-needed talent across different industries and government. BREIT is supported by Aporta, the social innovation hub of BRECA, and aspires to be the institution that fosters the next generations of change agents to have a positive social impact in a field that is fundamentally changing the nature of work.

As part of BREIT, Lucia leads the Advanced Program in Data Science and Global Skills in partnership with the MIT IDSS. The program includes taking the full MIT Micromasters in Statistics and Data Science but complemented with regular practice sessions with MIT TAs and a strong component in global skills where learners develop skills in ethics, social impact, critical thinking and leadership.

Lucia holds an MPA in Development Practice from the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University, and a bachelor’s in business administration from Universidad del Pacifico in Peru. Her previous experiences include working in the design of a secondary education public program for high-performing students at the Ministry of Education in Peru, and working as an international development consultant helping governments, multilateral banks and foundations have a better impact of their social spending through results-based financing mechanisms. Lucia has experience working at the public and private sectors, leading multidisciplinary teams, managing projects overseas, and leading stakeholders from public-private partnerships.

MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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