Daniel HastingsCecil and Ida Green Education Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics; Department Head, Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-0906
Andy HauptDoctoral Student, Social & Engineering Systems
Cate HeineDoctoral Student, Social & Engineering Systems
Drake HernandezMaster's Student, Technology & Policy
Arlyn HertzAdmissions and Catalog Coordinator, IDSS
(617) 324-0377
Anette “Peko” HosoiAssociate Dean of Engineering; Neil and Jane Pappalardo Professor, Mechanical Engineering
(617) 253-4337
Jonathan HowRichard Cockburn Maclaurin Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics
(617) 253-3267
Chin-Chia HsuDoctoral Candidate, Social & Engineering Systems
Marija IlicSenior Research Scientist, LIDS
William Irving
Pablo Isla
Tommi JaakkolaThomas Siebel Professor, EECS and IDSS
(617) 253-0440
Grégoire JacquotMaster's Student, Technology & Policy
Ali JadbabaieAssociate Director, IDSS; Director, SSRC; JR East Professor of Engineering, CEE; Program Chair, SES
(617) 253-7339
Eaman JahaniDoctoral Candidate, Social & Engineering Systems and Statistics
Patrick JailletDugald C. Jackson Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
(617) 452-3379
Francisco Jaimes
Stefanie JegelkaX-Consortium Career Development Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
(617) 324-6748
Bomin JiangDoctoral Candidate, Social & Engineering Systems
Yan JinDoctoral Candidate, Social & Engineering Systems; IDSS Student Councilor, SES

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