Manon Revel

Doctoral Candidate, Social & Engineering Systems and Statistics

Manon Revel earned her BNG in Mathematics from Ecole Centrale in Paris, France in 2017 and her SM in Technology and Policy from MIT in 2019. Manon studied the challenges that journalism faces online among the wide variety of information sources, and researched the impact of native advertisement on the U.S. news industry. In her first year as Hammer Fellow, Manon started two projects. The first one aims at understanding collective behaviors in basketball teams in order to assess the virtues of collective vs. individual strategies. The second is about reflecting on a new voting system that could eventually enhance both representation and accuracy in voting on important laws. She aspires to uncover set-ups in which people can collectively organize to make informed (voting) decisions while living in an environment flooded with misleading information. Manon has also contributed to Isolat, IDSS Covid-19 collaboration.

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