person using laptop to video chat with a man in a white coat

Physicians are effective messengers of Covid-19 information
MIT News | July 15, 2021

New research from Poverty Action Lab director and IDSS affiliate Esther Duflo suggests that physician information campaigns can change minds and behaviors, regardless of political affiliation.

Tamara Broderick

Tamara Broderick gives Susie Bayarri lecture at 2021 World Meeting of the ISBA
IDSS News | July 13, 2021

The Susie Bayarri Lecture is delivered every two years at the ISBA world meeting by an outstanding young researcher under 35 years of age. 

Sertac Karaman

Sertac Karaman named director of the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems
MIT News | July 12, 2021

Associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics and core IDSS faculty member will head MIT’s longest continuously-running lab.

Electric lines stretch over a group of windmills

Building a resilient, carbon-neutral electric grid requires energy ‘superhighways’
The Hill | July 9, 2021

Today’s electric grid infrastructure is not ready for the scale and speed of energy portfolio transformation being envisioned, say IDSS Director Munther Dahleh and IDSS faculty member Sanjoy Mitter.

Fotini Christia and Devavrat Shah

Two IDSS Faculty Appointed as New Chairs
IDSS News | July 9, 2021

Fotini Christia selected as Ford International Professor in the Social Sciences and Devavrat Shah selected as Andrew (1956) and Erna Viterbi Professor of EECS

Capt. Kevin Thurber of the 315th Airlift Wing at Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina, uses the Puckboard software program to schedule C-17 aircrews.

US Air Force pilots get an artificial intelligence assist with scheduling aircrews
MIT News | July 8, 2021

A team led by IDSS affiliate Hamsa Balakrishnan has developed an optimization tool that's transforming the laborious process of staffing C-17 cargo flights.

Nasa astronaut Christina Koch. Only 11% of astronauts who made it to space have been women. Photograph: Nasa Handout/EPA

Redesigning space travel for women
The Guardian | July 6, 2021

Space suits that fit women are just a first step to a more inclusive space sector. TPP alum Emily Calandrelli is optimistic that with inclusion will come bold new ideas.

A report from the 'Social Media Summit @ MIT,' led by IDSS affiliate Sinan Aral, offers some solutions to growing problems with social media — including the spread of misinformation.

Social media is broken. A new report offers 25 ways to fix it
MIT Sloan | July 2, 2021

A report from the 'Social Media Summit @ MIT,' led by IDSS affiliate Sinan Aral, offers some solutions to growing problems with social media — including the spread of misinformation.

Tamara Broderick

Tamara Broderick awarded membership in 2021 COPSS Leadership Academy
LIDS | July 1, 2021

Broderick received the award in recognition of her significant contributions to Bayesian nonparametrics and machine learning, as well as her leadership in the field of statistical science and her potential to help shape its future.

illustration of an ambulance with a ballot

The virus and the vote
Healthy Elections Project | July 1, 2021

Read the final report of The Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project, led on the MIT side by IDSS affiliate Charles Stewart, detailing their research of US election administration during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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