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When should someone trust an AI assistant’s predictions?
MIT News | January 19, 2022

MIT researchers, including IDSS doctoral student Hussein Mozannar, created a method that helps humans develop a more accurate mental model of an artificial intelligence teammate.

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The promise and pitfalls of artificial intelligence explored at TEDxMIT event
MIT News | January 12, 2022

MIT scientists discuss the future of AI with applications across many sectors, as a tool that can be both beneficial and harmful.

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Tackling hard computational problems
MIT News | January 11, 2022

IDSS core faculty David Gamarnik has developed a new tool, the Overlap Gap Property, for understanding computational problems that appear intractable.

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Making computation come alive
MIT News | January 10, 2022

A new course from IDSS affiliate Youssef Marzouk teaches students how to use computational techniques to solve real-world problems, from landing a spacecraft to placing cell phone towers.

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MIT’s first hybrid Policy Hackathon yields strong collaborations and results
TPP News | January 9, 2022

The MIT Technology and Policy Program (TPP) brought together data analysts, engineers, scientists, domain experts, and policy specialists from about 40 countries to explore potential solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges

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Study: Digital literacy doesn’t stop the spread of misinformation
MIT Sloan | January 7, 2022

Digital literacy helps people identify misinformation — but it doesn’t necessarily stop them from spreading it, says study from researchers including IDSS affiliate David Rand.

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New visions for better transportation
MIT News | December 16, 2021

The MIT Mobility Forum showcases a breadth of approaches to analyzing and improving society’s transportation systems.

Anthony Perry

IDSS Postdoctoral Associate Anthony Perry wins Best Paper Award
December 16, 2021

“Motivational Pathways into Postsecondary Computer and Information Systems,” was awarded best paper at the 2021 Association for Career and Technical Education CareerTech VISION conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. The ACTE is the largest national education association dedicated to the advancement...

Photo of cultured mast cells at 100X using an oil immersion lens and an olympus digital camera.

Mast cells may explain chemical intolerance
December 15, 2021

A paper co-authored by IDSS Professor Nicholas Ashford provides a long-sought link between environmental exposures and conditions like Gulf War syndrome, breast implant illness, chemical intolerance, and possibly even long COVID.

illustration of part of a social network being 'corrupted' by green slime

Systems scientists find clues to why false news snowballs on social media
MIT News | December 15, 2021

A new model from senior author and IDSS core faculty Ali Jadbabaie shows that the more polarized and hyperconnected a social network is, the more likely misinformation will spread.


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