Fotini Christia

Racial equity and data science
February 21, 2022

Professor Fotini Christia introduces a new MIT-wide effort to address systemic racism with social science and computation, launched by IDSS.

A view of the MIT Dome looking toward Back Bay

3 Questions: New changes to MIT’s Covid-19 strategy
February 17, 2022

Cecilia Stuopis, IDSS core faculty Peko Hosoi, and Ian Waitz describe a shift in policy that aims for a gradual return to normalcy.

a photo of a nurse using anasthetic on a patient

Research advances technology of AI assistance for anesthesiologists
February 17, 2022

Senior study author and IDSS core faculty Emery Brown says the algorithm’s potential to help optimize drug dosing could improve patient care.

Emery Brown

Professor Emery Brown has big plans for anesthesiology
February 10, 2022

In stepping down as co-director of the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology, Brown will work to develop a new center for anesthesiology research.

Devavrat Shah

Devavrat Shah named Fellow of IEEE
February 8, 2022

Among the newly selected Fellows of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) are three members of the MIT community.

clip art of a brain full of gears

The downside of machine learning in health care
MIT News | February 3, 2022

ICSR Healthcare lead Marzyeh Ghassemi explores how hidden biases in medical data could compromise artificial intelligence approaches.

This image shows one protein (in gray) docking with another protein (in purple) to form a protein complex

Artificial intelligence system rapidly predicts how two proteins will attach
MIT News | February 2, 2022

The machine-learning model detailed in a paper co-authored by IDSS affiliate Tommi Jaakkola could help scientists speed the development of new medicines.

clip art of several power sources including wind turbines, solar panels and a nuclear cooling tower

Preparing global online learners for the clean energy transition
MIT News | February 2, 2022

MIT Energy Initiative edX course designed by LIDS senior research scientist Marija Ilic asks students to rethink how we operate power systems.

photos of Elchanan Mossel and Rosalind Picard

Professors Elchanan Mossel and Rosalind Picard named 2021 ACM Fellows
MIT News | January 31, 2022

Fellowship honors ACM members whose accomplishments drive innovation and make broader advances possible.

Photo of a woman working on a laptop in a cafe

3 Questions: Jinhua Zhao on a “third place” between home and office
MIT News | January 28, 2022

Remote workers have been seeking new types of workspaces, with implications for business and transit.


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