photo of a warehouse with robots moving boxes

Post-pandemic, supply chains retool for a new (ab)normal
MIT Sloan | April 15, 2021

COVID-19 didn’t break the supply chain, it simply accelerated changes already underway, says IDSS affiliate Yossi Sheffi. His new book details what’s coming next.

Caroline Uhler

Seeking the cellular mechanisms of disease, with help from machine learning
MIT News | April 6, 2021

Caroline Uhler blends machine learning, statistics, and biology to understand how our bodies respond to illness.

Dan Hastings

3 Questions: Defining the Institute’s values
MIT News | April 2, 2021

IDSS core faculty Daniel Hastings shares his experiences as a co-chair of MIT’s Values Statement Committee.

a mosaic of small pictures of the fifteen new faculty from the school of engineering

School of Engineering welcomes new faculty
MIT News | April 1, 2021

Fifteen new professors, including IDSS core faculty Navid Azizan, join the MIT community.

Illustration of Kimon Drakopoulos in mask with Greek flag and Greek building in background

How AI with MIT Roots Guided Greece’s Covid Testing at the Height of Tourist Season
MIT Alumni | March 31, 2021

LIDS alumnus Kimon Drakopoulos partnered with the Greek government on a machine learning-based tool to guide the distribution of resources.

a street scene with traffic including buses, bikes and cars

Ridesharing intensifies urban road congestion
Science Daily | March 31, 2021

Study by researchers including IDSS affiliate faculty Jinhua Zhao suggests potential benefits of on-demand shared mobility are complicated in real world situations.

stock image of a battery as part of a rubik's cube, implying a battery puzzle

Powering the energy transition with better storage
MIT News | March 29, 2021

Researchers, including IDSS alumni Jesse Jenkins, evaluate the role and value of long-duration energy storage technologies in securing a carbon-free electric grid.

Tamara Broderick

Tamara Broderick awarded membership in 2021 COPSS Leadership Academy
LIDS News | March 29, 2021

Prof. Broderick, IDSS affiliate faculty member, received the award in recognition of her significant contributions to Bayesian nonparametrics and machine learning.

logo for the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center at Broad Institute

Broad Institute launches the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center to connect biology and machine learning
Broad Communications | March 25, 2021

Supported by a $150 million endowment from Eric and Wendy Schmidt, the center will create a new field of interdisciplinary research aimed at improving human health.

Fotini Christia

3 Questions: Artificial intelligence for health care equity
MIT News | March 24, 2021

IDSS Associate Director Fotini Christia in a discussion on how artificial intelligence and machine learning can support fairness, personalization, and inclusiveness in health care.


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