MIT Professional Education Short Program: Sustainability: Principles & Practice
July 27, 2015 - July 31, 2015

(Noelle Selin)

This course will introduce participants to the goals, principles, and practical applications of sustainability from science/engineering, policy, and business perspectives. Many organizations, companies, and institutions are increasingly interested in conducting their activities while becoming more sensitive to environmental, social, and other concerns over a longer-term future. Sustainability has many definitions and includes environmental, social, and economic dimensions. In this course, we will examine the major environmental issues and trends happening in modern society from a scientific and practical perspective, including energy and resource use, pollution, climate change, water, and population. Conceptual definitions of sustainability will be introduced and discussed and sustainability plans from organizations and institutions will be examined and critiqued. The course presents practical skills for participants in the area of integrating sustainability into business practices, operations, policies, and research and development through a day of dedicated case studies. The course emphasizes sustainability in all its dimensions, including all “three E’s” of environment, economics, and equity. New research will be presented by faculty working in the area of sustainability science and engineering at MIT.

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