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SES & IDPS Dissertation Defense – Paolo Bertolotti

Paolo Bertolotti (IDSS)

Inference and Diffusion in Networks ABSTRACT Networks provide a powerful and unified framework to study complex systems. By abstracting systems down to entities and their connections, network models provide insight into the structure and dynamics of critical systems across multiple domains. In this thesis, we study diffusion in social networks. Diffusion through networked systems corresponds to numerous consequential processes, and we focus on epidemic spread and information diffusion. We study these processes by applying and extending ideas from statistical inference.…

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Why Schools and Society Should Make AI Literacy A Top Priority
 – MIT RAISE Seminar Series

S. Craig Watkins (University of Texas at Austin , MLK Visiting Professor MIT)

As part of the MIT RAISE seminar series, S. Craig Watkins, an MLK Visiting Professor at MIT and the Ernest A. Centennial Sharpe Professor at the University of Texas at Austin addresses the growing role that artificial intelligence is playing in the lives of young people.

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SES Dissertation Defense – Hanwei Li

Hanwei Li (IDSS)

Estimation and Optimization in Online Marketplaces ABSTRACT The emergence of e-commerce business models (such as Airbnb and Amazon) brings opportunities and challenges to their operations. This thesis studies several estimation and optimization problems within the online platform domain, using data-driven approaches in operations management. The thesis consists of three components. Motivated by the unique setting of Airbnb, in the first work, we consider a game-theoretical setup in which each seller on the platform provides a single-unit product and competes with…

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SES & IDPS Dissertation Defense

Chin-Chia Hsu (IDSS)

Misinformation, Persuasion, and News Media on Social Networks ABSTRACT Social media platforms have become a popular source of news and information for a large segment of the society across the political spectrum: Users receive information, share digital contents, or attend to some online publishers for latest news. However, the recent proliferating and fast-spreading misinformation and false news has affected people’s perception about the veracity of online information and in turn their social behavior. In such an environment of real and…

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