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Members of MIT’s COP26 delegation stand together for a photo

At UN climate change conference, trying to “keep 1.5 alive”
MIT News | November 17, 2021

Andreas Haupt, a graduate student in IDSS, joined MIT’s COP26 delegation to follow negotiations to keep global climate goals on track.

Marie Charpignon, Michelle Vaccaro, Max Vilgalys, Silun Zhang

IDSS MicroMasters Teaching Assistants
November 16, 2021

Drawn from Social and Engineering Systems (SES) PhD students and IDSS research staff, IDSS TAs provide expert guidance for online learners developing analytical skills.

Jinglong Zhao

From algorithm development to experimental design
June 10, 2021

Graduating SES student Jinglong Zhao designs experiments to measure the efficacy of the algorithms driving online marketplaces.

TPP grads with Noelle Selin 2021

Celebrating IDSS 2021 graduates
June 5, 2021

IDSS congratulates our almost 100 grads — from SES, TPP, the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Statistics, the minor in Statistics and Data Science, and students affiliated with LIDS.

a masked student in and MIT sweatshirt walking on MIT campus

Paths from research to impact: a year of collaborative research on Covid-19
June 1, 2021

IDSS hosted a day-long workshop exploring different ways that data-driven research from MIT and beyond impacted pandemic policy.

Minghao Qiu, wearing an MIT t-shirt, stands in front of a small green pond with trees and mountains in the background

Modeling the impacts of sustainability policies
December 10, 2020

Minghao Qiu combines predictive models with real-world data to assess policy effectiveness and inform policy design.

4 people in a zoom gallery, clockwise from top left Odemuno Ogelohwohor, Jeremiah Azurin, Amran Mamuye, Selorm Tamakloe

Data for Good
November 13, 2020

The fourth MIT Policy Hackathon, hosted virtually and focusing on equity, brought together policy and data science expertise to deliver solutions to challenges from environmental justice to Covid-19.

Marie-Laure Charpignon

A model approach to public health
Spectrum | November 12, 2020

SES student Marie-Laure Charpignon uses computational tools to explore large-scale questions in public health, from finding better Alzheimer's drugs to modelling the spread of Covid-19.

man's face and a collection of icons in the shape of another face

Can AI tell us when to use AI and when not to?
Forbes | November 8, 2020

SES student Hussein Mozannar contributes to the development of a machine learning system that can “assess a task and identify whether it’s one that would be best performed by a human expert or technology.”

Eaman Jahani

Inequality across networks
October 23, 2020

Eaman Jahani examines how resources are distributed across networks as a Social & Engineering Systems PhD student.


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